My C.V.

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Curriculum Vitae (Diving Version)

Simon Dowling

PADI Master Instructor #250505

Date of birth: 21/03/1975

Nationality: British

Tel: 00 66 91 72 77 91 1




About Me

 I am an experienced dive instructor and award winning videographer. I have worked full time as a dive instructor in Thailand for the last 6 years.

Working at one of the biggest dive schools in the world has enabled me to work under high pressure, dealing with customers and logistics to the highest of standards. I am also able to translate large scale dive school methods into a more bespoke smaller dive school ethos.

I am a very honest and straightforward person who loves nature and outdoors activities . I constantly strive for further education to expand my knowledge of diving and the eco system. I can adapt easily to different work objectives from management to teaching.


Diving certifications

  • Master Instructor (2014)
  • Wreck Instructor (2014)
  • Self Reliant Diver Instructor (2014)
  • Ecological Monitoring Program Instructor (2013)
  • Deep Instructor (2010)
  • PADI. Digital Underwater Photography Instructor (2010)
  • Enriched Air Instructor (2010)
  • Equipment Specialist Instructor (2010)
  • AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Instructor (2010)
  • Marine Resource Management Instructor (2010)
  • Project AWARE Instructor (2009)
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy Instructor (2009)
  • Care for Children w/AED Instructor (2009)
  • TEC Deep Diver (2014)

Diving Experience

  • No. of  Certifications:  Over 1000 students  including:  Open Water,  Advanced,  Rescue Diver,  Dive Master, Assistant Instructor and Specialties.
  • No. of  Dives: More than 7000 dives
  • Currently I am working as a Senior Instructor at Crystal Dive Resort (2009 to date) in Koh Tao, I am also partner in a business called Crystal Images (2012 to date) focusing on underwater filming, and a volunteer for Eco Koh Tao which is managed by my wife.


  • Crystal Dive Resort (2009 to date) Senior Instructor. Involved in all aspects of dive school operations including teaching, mentoring, logistics, social media, website design and management (Visit website at


  • Crystal Images (2012 to date) Partner. Involved in daily operation. Managing staff, teaching bespoke videography courses, website design (


  • Eco Koh Tao (2009 – to date) Volunteer with beach and dive site clean ups, creation of artifical reefs, coral restoration projects, mooring line deployments, net removals, clam nurseries. (Visit website at
  • Dive Areas:  Egypt,  Thailand,  Carribean,  Maldives,  Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, UK


Miscellaneous Positions and Transferable Skills

  • Dupehouse (Production Company) Owner (2004 – UK). Working on digital media releases, graphics, and filming for large media companies such as BBC, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Channel 5 and more.



  • Matt Bolton, Course Crystal Dive Resort (
  • Steve McHale, Crystal Images (
  • Nathan Cook, Master Eco Koh Tao (


Curriculum Vitae (Broadcasting Version, Coming January 2016)